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Mercedes-Benz Parfums is adding to its collection with the incredibly revitalizing

Modern, refreshing and drenched in masculine vibes, this new fragrance embodies the iconic brand’s expertise and passion for luxury fragrance. The story… An enthralling man winds his way through the streets of Paris, crossing over the Pont de Bir-Hakeim bridge. He knows the effect he has. He loves nothing more than to charm and be charmed. Nothing more, nothing less. He is alluring without even trying. And the Mercedes-Benz Select Day fragrance is his scent. It’s the perfect fragrance to heighten his natural charisma, boosting the simple elegance he exudes in all circumstances.

Men’s fragrance bottles that are already cult items…

Heavy and transparent glass, pure and straight lines, sensual curves – the bottles from the Mercedes-Benz Select range never cease to assert their charisma and elegance. Each fragrance has its own tone. Black, gray, blue – truly masculine colors. And always with the slanted cap and the silver star, the emblem of an iconic brand that has made perfume one of its passions.




Mercedes-Benz Select fragrances: a magnetic range

The powers of seduction and attraction of these fragrances are obvious. This is the case for the eau de toilettes, eau de parfums, deodorant sticks and shower gels from the Select range, which have become quintessential products in the world of high perfumery.

Dynamism, excellence, modernity, passion – the Mercedes-Benz Select range celebrates all the values of this iconic brand. By turns sensual, lively and intense, yet always elegant, classic and timeless, the Select fragrances, Select Day and Select Night, can be worn whenever, wherever, however you like.


Created by Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp, the fragrances that make up the Mercedes-Benz Select range feature three radiant, original olfactory formulations that echo and complement each other. Classic and masculine, Mercedes-Benz Select reveals its fruity woody sillage around an ambrox-musk-patchouli trio that encounters the freshness of bergamot and blackcurrant, nuanced with a few notes of peppermint and apple. Mercedes-Benz Select Day is more aromatic, an elixir of vitality that makes its presence felt with a combination of sage, citrus and spices, a woody texture, and aromatic and marine notes. As for the Mercedes-Benz Select Night eau de parfum, its expression is woody and oriental. It plays on mystery and intensity – bergamot, cardamom and lavender combine with the power of cedar, gaiac wood and sandalwood, orange blossom, patchouli and vanilla.